Boschmans NV and Steinacher Logistics NV became one company on the 1st of January 2018. Both companies individually, have an impressive track record since they were created during the last decade of the 19th century.

What followed was a period of exceptional wealth for a small country such as Belgium, which at that time ranked 5th as Economic power in the world. A period during which both family companies kept growing and further developed in their own specific niches.

100 years later, the activities of both companies become highly complementary and joining forces.


Boschmans & C°

In the 1890’s Boschmans & C° (later to become Boschmans NV) was created as a forwarding company, serving the exporting industry in Belgium and the surrounding countries.

Boschmans’ focus was on export for heavy industries, being steel mills, glass manufacturers, and engineering companies. One of their key activities became the delivery of goods on quay in the port of Antwerp. For this, Boschmans invested in their own equipment such as carts & cranes to lift cargo.

Around 1930, Boschmans was again a founding member of this time GAMU – Groupement des Agents Maritimes d’Usines (Consortium of Maritime Agents) which was the association of the companies delivering industrial products to the port of Antwerp.

Later on, the company merged with Thoumsin BV and became one of the largest forwarding companies in Antwerp, under the name Boschmans Thoumsin BV.

In 1998, the grandson of Boschmans’ founder Mr. R. Lebedoff decided to sell the company to the Durot family, a family that had been active in shipping in Antwerp since 1920.

Steinacher & Ruëff

The history of Steinacher & Ruëff (later to become Steinacher Logistics NV) also goes back to the 1890’s when it was founded in Switzerland as a family owned business, serving Swiss exporting & importing companies.

Over time, Steinacher & Ruëff will grow into a general forwarding company with a good balance in export/import, cargo handling and custom brokerage. Steinacher & Ruëff developed specific expertise in international trade of chemicals/steel/antiques & art….

In 1979, also this company was taken over by the Durot family.

Better use of the available resources from both Boschmans & C° and Steinacher & Ruëff would allow for optimal service to their customers. Hence, the two companies merged in 2018 to become Boschmans Steinacher bv. With more focus and cross-functional sharing of knowledge, they are now fully integrated into one single company serving all of the above-mentioned markets.

Today, we are convinced to have an enthusiastic, professional and dedicated team. And we are here to serve our clients. Our Mission, Vision & Values represent this and emphasize what we stand for.



Founding of Boschmans & C°


Founding of Steinacher & Ruëff


Both companies are “founding members” of VEA, the Association for Forwarding, Logistics and Goods interests in Antwerp.


Boschmans is a founding member of GAMU


Post-war reconstruction brings a lot of development and grew the activities of both companies steadily until the early 70ties


Boschmans merger with Thoumsin


Takeover of Steinacher by family Durot


Takeover of Boschmans Thoumsin bv by family Durot


Consolidation of both companies => Boschmans Steinacher bv, creating a leading independent forwarding & logistics company in Antwerp.