Privacy Declaration

Boschmans Steinacher BVBA is processing your personal details, because you are either currently using, or you intend to use our services.

Which data:

Boschmans Steinacher BVBA gathers only those details necessary to provide you with the best possible service, to meet the terms of our agreement or to comply with legal requirements. Boschmans Steinacher BVBA has the ability to process your personal details, because you use our services, and/or you have supplied your details via our online contact form. The data gathered by us includes, but is not limited to: Email address, name, surname, office, -and mobile phone number, fax number, IP address. The data is processed in accordance with the new European privacy law, the GDPR. (General Data Protection Regulation).


Your data will be used to meet our contractual obligations and for communications with customers, suppliers, partners and prospects. We also require the data to proficiently respond to your inquiries and to execute your orders.  Furthermore, it will enable us to provide you with information relevant to the agreements in place between our companies.  If no contract or agreement is yet in place, we will use your data, with your permission, to contact you either by phone or by email. If you are signed up to our newsletter, your personal data will also be used, to send this to you. 


Boschmans Steinacher BVBA will not retain your personal details for any longer than is strictly necessary and/or is legally required for the purposes for which they were gathered. Your details will never be retained for any longer than the legally defined terms.


Boschmans Steinacher BVBA has taken sufficient technical and organisational steps to be able to guarantee safe processing of your personal details.  The measures taken are in line with the nature of the data and take in to account the possible risks and serve to prevent possible abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted publicizing and illicit alterations.  The website utilizes a reliable SSL Certificate, to ensure your details do not end up in the wrong hands.  The risk of unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, access to, or undue processing of the data has also been reduced to a minimum. Should a situation occur where unlawful access is gained to the company’s IT systems, we will immediately take all possible measures to limit theft of and / or damage to the data to a minimum. In case of a data leak, the Privacy Commission as well as the involved parties, will always be informed.

Data Transfer:

Your personal data will only be transferred by Boschmans Steinacher BVBA to third parties (within or outside the European Union), to meet our contractual obligations to you, or to comply with legal requirements. You are free to contest this at any stage.  In case Boschmans Steinacher BVBA uses external parties, partners or subcontractors, they too will have to abide by the new ordinances. By means of a labour agreement, deals will be made on the security measures the external party needs to take and how these can be kept in check.


Our website accrues general visitor information, such as the IP address of your computer, as well as the time of your visit and any information your browser might send along. This data is used to optimise our website. We always strive to make the experience as anonymous as possible.  In case you feel other cookies are being used, we thank you to advise us so that we can take the necessary actions.

Google Analytics:

Boschmans Steinacher BVBA utilizes Google Analytics to track how visitors use our website and how effective Boschmans Steinacher BVBA AdWords-adds on Google search result pages are. The information gathered thus, including your computer’s IP-address, is transferred to and saved by Google on American servers. Google uses this information to track what our website is being used for, report this back to Boschmans Steinacher BVBA and advise their advertisers about the effectiveness of their campaigns.  Google may transfer this data to third parties if they are legally obligated to, or to the extent to which third parties may assist them with data processing. Boschmans Steinacher BVBA has no influence over this process.  Boschmans Steinacher BVBA has not granted Google permission to use Analytics data gathered by Boschmans Steinacher BVBA, for other Google services.

Your Rights:

Unless there are legal grounds to maintain your data, you will always retain the right to view your personal data, amend it, or to demand removal. To exercise this right, please send your request to Your request will be processed within a maximum period of 4 weeks. If at any point you have given explicit permission to use your personal information, you still reserve the right to revoke your permission at any point.

Contact or Complaints:

All inquiries and/or grievances regarding the processing of your personal data can be sent to If you believe Boschmans Steinacher BVBA is handling your personal data in an unlawful manner, or is in some way defecting on the ordinances, you have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commission.